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The Common Sense Defense Podcast allows defense policy to be accessible, relatable and easily understandable for the common everyday person.

Defense Priority

Our first priority is helping our Navy remain viable and increasingly lethal while it freezes the decommissioning of key platforms and builds additional naval combatants above current projections to deter the PRC's global ambitions.


The Common Sense Defense Podcast compliments the book, China Rising: The Case for Containment which gives information about increasing the deterrence value of our Navy and the Common Sense Defense Podcast presents actions that can be taken by everyday Americans to increase the size of our Naval Battle Force as well as to enhance the efficiency of our National Defense.


China Rising: The Case for Containment

Explore what action the United States and its allies can take to address the rapid militarization of the South China Sea by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and other military services.


China Rising: The Case For Containment focuses on developing a multi-domain approach to the defense structure in the Indo-Pacific region by offering modifications to current and future weapons systems development and deployment. It also provides pragmatic counters to the PLAN’s man-made islands, hypersonic weapons, aircraft, ships, and submarine forces. China Rising, The Case For Containment is divided into three sections: History & Policy, Technology and War, and The Economics of War. Each section takes a different approach to Chinese militarism and actions the US and its Allies can utilize to create interlocking systems to present a more efficient approach to contain China’s rapid rise.

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Press Coverage

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Build Our Navy

Currently China’s Navy has more than 350 naval combatants against the U.S. Navy’s 296, even as we are planning to decommission over 10 naval combatants for each of the next five years.

Strategic Problem

Unfortunately, by 2027 with possible tensions between the PRC and the U.S. over Taiwan, China will have over 440 naval combatants against our 285. With the current projections the U.S. is heading toward a NAVAL BATTLEFORCE EMERGENCY.

The Solution

Ask Congress to place a 5 year freeze on decommissioning ships and for an additional $15 Billion dollars per year to Build Our Navy.

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Gather Information

First priority - is to understand the geopolitical landscape and the levers to pull for change.

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Congressional Action

Contact your Congressional Representatives for help and to take action for defense.

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Take Economic Action

We will  examine individual actions that will peel back the PRC's defense budget.

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Aid Defense Industry

Helping the Defense Industry means supporting contractors in their mission for the nation.

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Aid the Shipbuilding Industry

The nation is short 30,000 shipyard workers - Recruit!

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